Investing in a Better Future

Justice Vanguard was founded with the goal of educating our communities and our youth for a stronger, more inclusive future. Investing in JV is investing in our future.  We aim to constantly expand our positive impact on our communities.


Below are a some of our current efforts that you can support today!

Community Events

  • Juneteenth - Yearly Education and Free Speech Celebration

    • Program Cost - $15k per year for event planning, setup, materials, and permits.  This year we are planning to expand upon the success of our last Juneteenth where we raised over $15,000.

  • Movie Night Club  - Monthly movie night where we will feature Black and brown: directed, acted, written or featured movies and stories. These movies will range from historical to educational, to comedy and more. They will provide an open and safe space to experience different films and conduct constructive conversation and thought.

    • Program Cost - $150 per event 

  • Webinars - Online education events and open conversations on the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and human experience

    • Program Cost - $500-$2,500 per event for software, planning, research, and development


Ethnics Studies Curriculum - Pilot Program beginning in the 2022-23 School Year

  • We have been working with teachers throughout the local school districts to create an Ethnic Studies curriculum.  The Mountain View Los Altos High School District is offering Ethnic Studies as one social studies course option for this upcoming school year! Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of ethnicity and race. This is an exciting opportunity for incoming 9th grade students. The class will become a requirement starting in the Fall of 2023.


Blackalaureate Scholarship Fund

Program Cost - $12,500 per year ($2,500 per student for 5 students) 

  • The Justice Vanguard Blackalaureate Scholarship was founded to reward young, bright Black students who have demonstrated a dedication to learning both within and outside of the classroom and who have a passion for humanity and the betterment of our society and world.