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At Justice Vanguard we offer custom tailored workshops that are designed to help foster growth through education.  We start the process of developing an ideal curriculum for your organization by assessing its “Current State” through interacting with organizational stakeholders. Then, our team will deliver a program that fits your needs.

What is our Growth Action Plan?

Our Growth Action Plan is a curriculum for facilitating education and growth. Many are unaware of how systematic racism permeates through daily life, be it through legislation or corporate advertising. The Current State Assessment aims to identify where racism exists and is most prevalent in your organization, and the Growth Action Plan establishes a system to re-educate participants in those areas.

Growth Action Plan:

  1. Workout goals and set targets based on your Current State Assessment.

  2. Create an education plan consisting of:

    1. Webinars

    2. Workshops

    3. Small group exercises

  3. Conduct Final Assessment survey and 1 on 1’s.

Pillars of Education

(Include but are not limited to)

Systemic Inequalites

Academic Institutions

Racial Bias

What is BLM
White Fragility

Our Mission

"Education is the passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

-Malcom X

"There is nothing wrong with not knowing,

only with not wanting to know."

- Kenan Moos

"Critical thinking is the most powerful weapon we have"

- Kiyoshi Taylor