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Thursday, July 16 — In Defense of Assata Shakur

We are participating in a press conference alongside Tha Hood Squad and Palo Alto Black Lives Matter muralists. Local artists created a beautiful illustration of the words “Black Lives Matter,” each letter its own galaxy of revolutionary art, all created on the same day in downtown Palo Alto on the street in front of City Hall. Cece Carpio, one of the painters, created an amazing representation of revolutionary Assata Shakur on the letter “E.”

Last week, the National Cop Association, in an attempt to defame Assata Shakur and the mural with it, firmly requested the city of Palo Alto to take the mural down. Furthermore, news outlets such as KTVU bought into this narrative by writing headlines referring to Assata Shakur as a “cop killer,” without using her rightful name. Assata was wrongfully convicted of murdering a cop, and she was a political prisoner. Her incarceration was part of a larger campaign by the U.S. government to criminalize Black activists.

We stand in defense of Assata Shakur, in defense of the painting of Assata on the mural, and in defense of the movement for Black liberation to which she dedicates her life. Look out for coverage of our press conference, and please share it!

Saturday, July 18 -- Sankofa Art Show

We’re heading to East Palo Alto this Saturday for Tha Hood Squad’s Sankofa Art Show. This isn't our event, we'll just be attending, and hope to see you there!

We’ll be in touch soon with more updates. Until then, please keep sharing our work, and keeping these conversations going in your families and communities.

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