Get Involved

Donations are the life-blood of any large-scale change, and we need your help to make this grassroots movement mainstream. Your donations will go towards furthering our fight for racial and social justice in our communities. You can pledge a monthly donation through our tiered system (below), or give what you can in a one-time contribution on GoFundMe. We greatly appreciate any and all aid.

Tier 1: 

Steady Ally

Amount: $50

-a box of masks

-sleeping bag

-$15 towards an event

Tier 2:

A Helping Hand

Amount: $100

-3 boxes of masks

-2 sleeping bags

-$20 towards an event

Tier 3:

Force of Change

Amount: $250

-5 boxes of masks

-4 sleeping bags

-$100 towards an event

Tier 4: 

Warrior for Growth


Amount: $Custom

-endless possibilities

This is only the beginning!  Make your pledge and be a part of the change!  We LOVE and appreciate your continued support!

Our Impact Totals:






Our education events consist of an art element, a social element, and and education theme.  We have hosted multiple events to date.  They have been:

-Juneteenth Celebration and Education

-Black is Beautiful Artwork and Education

-Palo Alto BLM Mural and Education

Each event that we hosts costs between $500-$4,500 depending on the type of event and available funding.  The expenses are as follows:

-education take-home packets ($2-3 each)

-paint and artwork supplies ($500-2,500)

-printing costs ($200-800)

-waters ($500)

-food ($600-1,500)

-medical staff and supplies ($350-1,400)

We also partner with other organizations that help provide for those in need with different fundraisers throughout the year.  Fundraisers consist of both monetary donations and item donation.

Current Fundraiser:

Sleeping Bags