The Blackalaureate Scholarship Fund

The Justice Vanguard Blackalaureate Scholarship was founded to reward young, bright Black students who have demonstrated a dedication to learning both within and outside of the classroom and who have a passion for humanity and the betterment of our society and world.

The scholarship will be awarded to Black students graduating from the MVLA high school district.  Our goal is to provide enough money to help cover 1 year of books and school supplies for a student with the hope to increase the scholarship in both amount and reach as we get more funding.  

Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.  Inequality of opportunity is pronounced in the Black community in everything from access to quality education, to safety from police brutality, to career progression, and much more.  The magnitude of racial inequality is staggering with Black lives socially, politically, and economically marginalized.  Education is one of the most powerful determinants of access to opportunity. 

Eliminating the barriers that exist to education in communities of color is an essential step towards healing generational trauma and creating a just society.

Our goal is to create a pathway for inclusion and success by deploying the necessary funds and resources to invest in long-term change.

Brown Fist with Cap.png
Brown Fist with Cap.png